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Former Japanese YWCA of San francisco: Issei Ladies History

Backstory and you can Framework

San Francisco's very first Japanese immigrants (otherwise Issei) arrived in the first 1860s, repaying mainly during the Chinatown and you will South Playground. At the same time, regarding the 1870s, the fresh West Introduction (including the property who would getting Japantown, or Nihonmachi) subdivision was being switched off a sandy, chaparral habitat for bobcats, rabbits, and you may quail, into a good Victorian society. If the quake and you will next fire away from 1906 drove of a lot San Franciscans from their home, tent communities throughout the West Addition's areas provided brief defense having a few of the city's owners, also much of the japanese population. Approximately you to square mile of your own Western Addition turned, immediately, San Francisco's Japantown, into the emergence off Japanese churches, shrines, stores, and you can dining.


During the early 20th 100 years, Japanese immigrants encountered the problems from adjusting to a different culture, strengthening a unique people, finding works and construction because of their household, and you can racial discrimination. As if these challenges weren't enough, of numerous Issei women involved America just like the "visualize brides," delivered towards marriage ceremonies setup thru images and you may letters, so you're able to husbands exactly who they would maybe not satisfy up until cleaning the brand new Angel Area immigration channel. More info on more youthful Japanese people battled to get functions and you can construction, although Japanese was in fact omitted in the great things about based organizations through segregation principles. (more…)

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